Space Travel

Well I do hope your still there after that first wistful and dreamy blog, I must have been “hedge riding”

Those that know me know that this is space travel to  me, a blog, I must be mad, any form of IT brings me moments of brain freeze, but I want to learn , so please be patient with me, “bare with”

Under last Saturdays  wonderful grey sky me, “Panda” (my tiny car) a heap load of scrap wood, which has been lying in various stashes round the “yard”, which is my ickle green hideaway, son and grandson no.1  went to stare in horror at how much work needs doing to get “Lottie” up and running.

Over the coming months I will show you how we progress, the tears, the laughter and the celebration,  growing a strawberry and a potato and further attempts to make things grow before the “zombie apocalypse”

In my mind I have a vision of this idyllic green space, bountiful and beautiful, but in reality and the glorious British weather it will be is a force to be reckoned with,  already we have discovered that the ground in the middle, due to being at the bottom of a slope makes us wonder if we will be digging up “bog people” who have slept there peacefully for a Millennia.

Watch this very wet space…….to be continued.

Start at the beginning

Welcome to my blog.

I want to introduce you to a new beginning, a path, a life worth living.

As I have grown older I find that I need and want to simplify, to explore and slow down, actually stop and stare at the beauty of the world we live in, feel the wind, embrace the rain, smell the changes in the seasons, and touch, feel,  create small changes to my life …..over time my life will change and my mind will become content.

This is why have started this journey, calling the elements into play.

What I see, what I feel, what I make and what I grow, journey with me, embrace an elemental life.

Yes really, well I had to grab your attention somehow if you got this far down……come on let’s go…