Toft-after all these years!

I can crochet! 

I have tried so many times, I just didn’t “get” it, but I spent a fabulous two hours being taught at TOFT based in Daventry, Warwickshire, a wonderful combination of divine alpaca wool goodies, kits, coffee cafe with yummy cakes and extraordinarily patient teachers, they are blessed.

I can crochet, see the lovely duck, then see the small circle in front, well that circle is mine, ha, ha, deliriously happy, I have never ever been able to do that….love it, so much fun.

Update to today I have a body and a webbed foot, nearly there….don’t even care if it’s perfect imperfect….after all these years I can crochet yay!

Tech Savvy

Not me, cannot even find my own site. Just been trying to put the WordPress app on my millions of devices so i can log in and blog to my hearts content.

So already ive had to reset my password, getting cofused with my blog address and my own email address, i’m such a “technophobe” that i dont know what to do first…and how do i transfer photos from one device to another.

My plan to get more tech savvy is certainly more tech “tetchy” can i have tech stress as well.

Do you remember the Yellow Pages advert with “walking fingers” whoda thought that would actually come true….my fingers are a walking….