Where on earth

Hello Peeps,

I’m back…its been a busy few weeks, a lovely holiday in our beloved Brixham, familiar, comfortable and restful.

Got caught out by a “manifest” in a new pub we tried, chatting happily, enjoying the ambience, next thing I look at hubby and his face is aghast, whats wrong I ask, apparently I am crying and rambling, I start to feel quite overwhelmed as I had no idea …what’s going on….exit the pub at speed feeling really disorientated.

I pick up “energies” a lot but it is quite rare thankfully to have a possession like that, I should be more protected methinks I was complacent as I had not had one for a while and my guard was down. Note to self, new places must wear Obsidian.

Upcoming blog…” My Haunted Brixham”

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