Wyrd poppet

So your asking what is Wyrd well although it is pronounced “weird” that’s where the similarity ends, wryd is not about being different its about fate\destiny in Norse, Anglo Saxon context, the lovely thing about our language, our lingual roots is that old English words are really rather beautiful, and some words are just so beautiful to pronounce. Being deaf does not occlude me from spoken language in fact it makes words even more beautiful to me.

Do you ever stop and repeat a word because it sounds beautiful, I do and I love words that a different but describe the difference.

Ever thought about rain, well its not just rain is it, we have different types of rain, cats and dogs, piddling, drizzle and I love the Scot description mizzle, mizzle just roll that round your tongue, just beautiful.

Hubby and I were visiting Berlin many moons back and we were told that Germany doesn’t know or have the type of rain we call drizzle, how strange, but that’s the beauty of language.

So What is a Poppet?

I felt something was missing, we have dolls, lots and lots of them, but when I look for an “altar” doll representation for the changing season within the pagan world, they exist but not in the way I perceive them, so I thought why not make my own and then see if other people are interested in them too.

A poppet is a naive style doll, a familiar given to children but these are more than just dolls, these poppets hold wishes, spells and in some cases curses, they are simply made and can be called different names some you may recognise like rag doll, voodoo doll, spirit doll.  I wanted to create an essence of the past and incorporate my pagan thoughts and feelings, an elemental poppet in fact.

So this is what I have been doing the past few weeks, I am designing an Altar Poppet, but you will see different versions being developed over the next few months as trial and test my designs.

In fact I have a small range of colourful “felties” completed as mum wants me to display some dolls at her summer fete, these dolls are just for fun, while I develop my elemental altar dolls…I shall be posting pictures of them here and on FB…watch this space

Oh and what’s happening at “The Lottie” well my annual hayfever curse has struck, oh its like a form of torture to be a gardener with hayfever 😰

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