Me “Felties”

Welcome “Earth”


Welcome “Ghostie”


Welcome “Moon”



Welcome “Selkie”


These are the “Felties” being displayed at mum’s summer fete.

The designs are based on dolls designed by Shelly Down, who can be found at

They are about 10 inches in height and can be made to order, each design will have elements of uniqueness to give them personality.

Each doll costs £25, for an extra £5 they will come with their own storage box and beautiful herb sachet.

The “x” button placed above their heart is a reminder that they hold wishes and dreams.

Coming soon…Wyrd Poppets, the “Altar Doll”, these “unique” designed poppets will be something really special, designed for the celebrating the wheel of year.

More will be revealed before the end of summer.

2 thoughts on “Me “Felties”

    1. Aww thanks sweetie, they are a bit different aren’t they 😜😍 good.
      I didn’t want them run of the norm, hoping to appeal to the Wicca/Pagan market, not sure how my mums lovely silver haired sweeties will react tomorrow, when they go on display, lol.
      I will be taking pictures for the blog, so watch this space.


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