Time for a shave

Ok, so here we are, boxes made √ , box labels √, display poster and contact cards…..nearly!

So me thinks wouldn’t my logo look great printed on the box, oh yeah!…. Right I will make a stamp…hell yeah!

Hang on never made one of those before…nope never stops me, need to take my mind off Peter Capaldi’s impending departure as “Dr Who”, god I’m devastated, I hope they are not planning to put another child in his place, ho, they all look young young now 😱

So I have materials brought to practice with, you know like potato prints we did as children, I will start with a star…..nope straight for the Logo, ha,ha, me terrified no….take it easy and slow, thankfully the Logo is meant to be naive… here we go………….


Wait for it….dear goddess sometimes I even stun myself, its exactly the effect I wanted, even without a special roller and ink ( which I will get when I have few more pennies)


2 thoughts on “Time for a shave

    1. I’m trying to look professional, lol 🙃 It’s all about marketing, not sure the reaction on Saturday, lol, but mum wanted me to set up a display with her to “show my wears” so to speak. Constructive criticism 🤣 appreciated. These are just fun, I’m developing a very different range xx


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