Silver Sunshine

Yesterday I spent lovely peaceful afternoon with my mum at her “homes” summer fete. Mum has been making her wonderful cards while I had my first public outing for my “Wyrd Poppets”

Silver and white haired people wheeled by, stick tottered past and one lovely happy chappie did his version of a wheelie in his electric wheel chair….it wasn’t exactly well attended and the deputy mayor spent £1 on guess the weight of the silver coins, there is probably a political twist to that line somewhere, lol.

But the Sun was shining on their silver hair and fun was had by all.

Today, is a day of rest and for my brother a day of suffering after a night of birthday celebrations/commiserations depending on his mood, but as I always say to him, “you will always be older than me bro”, somebody has to be, lol.

2 thoughts on “Silver Sunshine

  1. Sounds like a fab weekend. Glad your poppets got out for their first show off. Shame to keep them hidden and unleash your wonderful creative ideas 😊

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  2. Thank you Nicky, I personally would have kept them hidden, I get very embarrassed, lol.
    Rachel said they are so good mum, they look factory made, she meant professionally lol and the ground of embarrassment opened up beneath her and left her digging herself out of the hole… to placate my shock, lol, lol 😂
    Sort of thing I do, isn’t it, that’s my girl ❤️.


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