Lady of leisure

I thought today as I’m pottering around in the “servants quarters” I would share some shots of my eclectic home. I’m busy working on a number of “secret” projects at the moment so I will err on snippets.

I live with my hubby in a working mans victorian terrace, three floors of very small spaces, you could call it a “cottage on stilts” is quite small indeed.

I’m upstairs at the moment ready to do some sewing, but today is quite a beautiful late summers day and up here is so peaceful, that I thought I would take a moment to write.

The third floor is split into two rooms in the eaves of the building, my darling daughter used to spend her pre working days up here playing her beloved “geek” computers games.

I have stolen it now and it’s currently on one of its transformations while I

try to make best use of space.

The view from my desk chair.

My “Eliza” bonnet nestled in a purple cushion beneath is a vintage covered seat and 70’s “continental duvet” as the were first called in Blighty.

If you look to the right corner you can see the handle of my witch broom ready for flight 😏

An upper shot taking in my silk covered light shade with perching crow and tiny bird. Two hats behind a topper with pink silk rose and my beloved bowler, as a nod to my beloved Sherlock and Watson.

I will tell you of our visit to the Sherlock Holmes museum another time….

My Ode to Edger Allen Poe my handcrafted standard lamp shade, I’m more Gothic than I thought 😎

My last photo in this blog is of my sacred space, my Altar….

These are today and change with the seasons, it with go more orange, red, yellow and brown as we move towards the Autumn Solstice on 22nd September then onto to orange, black and purple as we approach Sahmein “Halloween” to mugglesphere.

My exciting find when last out with “the boys” were some Swan feathers blown out of an old swan nest, they are incredibly soft and exquisite, I have never held one before, so they have taken pride of place, in thanks to natures beauty.

Bright August Blessings…

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