Ha ha, I’m back

Let me start with some lovely memories from my lovely holiday in Cornwall.

Well did we realise how near we were to this place, what a lovely surprise we had and how beautiful the western edge of our country is, if you walk further than the “Shaun the Sheep” experience! You will be greeted by a view of forever! What a place to contemplate how small we humans are.

Next up,well yes I did have to do a little homage to Ross Poldark, naughty boy!

This is the stunning Lamorna Cove, we were so lucky with the weather at the end of September, we sat outside at the lovely cafe there at the end of the afternoon and I succumbed to a cream team, warm scones, perfection!

Two more shots, the first was a tricky shot from Newlyn of St Michaels Mount, which we did also visit

It looks like a fairytale castle at this distance.

Lastly for this post

Just had to pop Flynnie in enjoying his morning run overlooking Paul church….. there was a secret field not far away, waiting to be found…..but as they say, that’s another story.

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