Oh just a little bit…of Christmas

Just wanted to share my first Christmas make, I’m going for bright and colour this year.

I no longer go mad on deco’s because nearly all my family find Chrissie depressing, but I will have a couple of little areas of Pagan joy which I will be showing you on the lead up to Solstice……..

My embroidered deer, I hope you all love as I really enjoyed making some which didn’t have the word quilt attached to it….. here’s a sneak preview of my next make.

Can you guess what they will become part of?

See you all next week, yay 😁 xx

3 thoughts on “Oh just a little bit…of Christmas

  1. Nice to see you back! Great holiday pics. Firstly, I looove your little adorable dear, and secondly I think the green will be ‘tree?!’ Or is that too obvious?! I like green Pom poms 😊
    See you soon x


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