Found walking


I had time for a longer walk with Flynn this morning, so sauntered up to “Parliaments Piece” what I call “Flynnie’s Field.

30082F62-95A2-4C2E-BF04-90726C44F889Whereby I had my first “found” walk of the year.

Imbolc is on Friday so I am really happy to see budding snowdrops


I have walked this field many years, today it’s bright with a piercing cold southwestern wind that only walkers appreciate.

I “found” my first ceramics of the year and a Jackdaw feather.


The moles have been busy and sometimes kick up buried ceramics, these look Victorian but I often wonder why they end up in the middle of a field where there has been no dwellings?

Romantically I like to think that there was a Victorian picnic in the middle of the field and perchance a plate was chipped, but in reality it’s probably been transferred by someone’s wellingtons 🤔😏

My mug of tea has been drunk, now Work is calling, so I will leave you with one last photo…. and thought of the day🤔


If your going to loose your gloves 🧤 please loose two, it’s pointless if you don’t lol, now what can I make with odd gloves? 🤪

WARNING: I am a professional “scavenger” lol, please wear gloves or protection when picking up found objects….. male dogs have a particulation for abluting on mole mounds 😧


Here come the Girls

Well here they come……Folksy site photo preview 😀


Me first Poppets are ready And Waiting On “Folsksy” Under The Shop Name “The Pagan Poppet” They Are not All There As My Normal Fantastical Ability To Orientate Around IT Technicalities, Remains My nemesis, My Fingers Tap Away And I Constantly End Up in A Big black hole of “what the bloody hell did i do wrong this time” take this text for example, it has suddenly decided that All My words should begin with a Capital Letter… Too Tired To Argue with It…

So At Some Point This Week I Shall become A Mistress Of social Media, Yeah, Yeah, I Know 😉 I Will Be Wizzing Around FB, Pinning on Pin, twittering on Tweet and we’ll this here me blog well I should coco is sorted, lol.

You may get more than normal blog wise, probably to bemoan my ineptness ( had to Google that word) lol….blow me down my text is behaving itself now….how did I do that 😯 xx