Found walking


I had time for a longer walk with Flynn this morning, so sauntered up to “Parliaments Piece” what I call “Flynnie’s Field.

30082F62-95A2-4C2E-BF04-90726C44F889Whereby I had my first “found” walk of the year.

Imbolc is on Friday so I am really happy to see budding snowdrops


I have walked this field many years, today it’s bright with a piercing cold southwestern wind that only walkers appreciate.

I “found” my first ceramics of the year and a Jackdaw feather.


The moles have been busy and sometimes kick up buried ceramics, these look Victorian but I often wonder why they end up in the middle of a field where there has been no dwellings?

Romantically I like to think that there was a Victorian picnic in the middle of the field and perchance a plate was chipped, but in reality it’s probably been transferred by someone’s wellingtons 🤔😏

My mug of tea has been drunk, now Work is calling, so I will leave you with one last photo…. and thought of the day🤔


If your going to loose your gloves 🧤 please loose two, it’s pointless if you don’t lol, now what can I make with odd gloves? 🤪

WARNING: I am a professional “scavenger” lol, please wear gloves or protection when picking up found objects….. male dogs have a particulation for abluting on mole mounds 😧


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