Here is my first Poppet “Kirtle” “The Raven”

Are you saying OMG….yes, I am making a range of outfits and accessories for My Pagan Poppet site, check me out on Folksy UK, like me, make comments  – nice ones, lol and I would love you all to say hi too, these early days are the the difficult ones when trying to spread the word.

Copy my shop details to your friends and family they might know people who know people 🔖 Methinks it’s called Tagging, lol there we go another techno word from the technophile!

Can I sneak in my latest techno headache, I have lost my photos over the past couple of years, they disappeared into something called the family vault and I cannot find an access to the family vault! So my FB page and Instagram site are pending dramatically, lol


For you history buffs…..A Kirtle is an overdress worn over a chemise or smock or gown, also called a cotehardie. Cue Middle Ages!

The PoppetWear range will also include, simple rustic shifts, Viking aprons and some additional surprises, so watch this space over the coming months while I develop “my brand” ( crumbs that sounds weird) 

Though I must say, got a way to go before I become as famous as my darling friend Karen, I’m looking forward to her Epic (cue the trumpet) return…💋