Wise Woman

This week I visited Mary Arden’s Farm in Wilmcote, just outside Stratford upon Avon, England.

It is a super place to visit with the “Grandboys”

The setting and the buildings are 15th century, the staff are living history actors and guides, in the most amazing period costumes.

Farmyard animals galore, you get down and dirty, learning history in an interactive environment and having “such fun”

But my most favourite room is that of the Wise Woman, beautifully created, just a little to clean but wow, it’s just how I envisioned my own pre life….if only (sigh)

Here come the piccys!

Poppetwear -The Apron

Already posted on FB page, here is The Poppet Apron available this weekend on Folksy UK

The Raven

The Burnished Owl

Ghostie Bat and

Antique Embroidery

As modelled by my muse Alys Albion.

Update on shop, Folksy Uk is up and running, special offer on Poppets till 1st May 2018. So get one quick at the discounted shop opening celebration price.

Aprons going into the shop over the weekend.

Raven style

I have been working on my Pagan Poppet aprons today, this is my first P Poppet “Raven” apron (based on a Viking apron) some tweaking as I may make it cross over back, need to calculate and trial the length first.

Still fighting media, Rachel is hopefully going to help me with Etsy and FB, they take ages to organise, it takes hours to do stuff on social networks when I should be sewing but once they are set up I can then concentrate on my poppets 😊