Midsummer Madness

Well my Midsummer is usually spent with my nose in tissues, feeling sorry for myself, dibilitated and stuffed full of drugs, continuously sleeping, to try and combat this period of posionous air, hence June becomes my missing month.

I surface today to celebrate Midsummer, yes we are there already, who would believe it, we’ve only just stopped wearing out coats!

At the weekend Leamington Spa held its 40th Peace Festival, it’s origins connected to the anti-nuclear peace movement.

I remember those fearful days acutely, sadly still in the news, we continue to live in hope, that heads will be banged together to sort the world out.

The Peace Festival is about donning your inner hippy, wearing garlands in your hair and just jolly well enjoying yourself, which is what Midsummer is all about, yay, a celebration of long sunny days and warmth.

Sunshine celebration is the inspiration for my Midsummer celebration apron, my scribblings abound….

and scrappy textiles…

I love this process and I have at least five ideas for summer poppet aprons, but only time for one today, between sneezes.

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