Just a little bit

Pottering or to potter is an expression I use a lot and covers loads of “doings” around the home, such as gardening, laundry, tidying away….actually, I would love to know how many hours of our life we spend putting things away, it is an endless chore…mindless, our homes have too much stuff in them don’t they?

So Today my pottering includes, laundry, social media catch up, Korean drama on Netflix and I have just finished creating some Poppet hairstyles, they are getting darker for the Autumn season, I have though, slipped in a sky blue.

These maidens are some of the new poppets I’m working on and I love the way they all come out “just a little bit” different from each other, that’s my creative aim and highlights individuality between Poppets, so the one you fall in love with has also chosen you.

Coming up next week I will be showing you how to use your Poppet if you want to use it for your altar, spell work or affirmations.

No body

I love this part of the process seeing the little characters emerge.

I working on Coven II, hopefully releasing in time for Sahmien.

I am creating a couple of Hecate, dark goddesses especially for the season, also one that is influenced by Miss Haversham and one “shield maiden” influenced, for a birthday gift, which will be kept under wraps until poppet has been gifted.

I’m enjoying the peace and quiet of a weekend morning with a slight breeze blowing through the “servants quarters” , knowing that by mid afternoon the day will become decidedly purgatory with intense heat.

Maybe I will watch a “certain football match” but then again my nerves probably won’t take it….

A cautionary tale aka Basket Case

Open top baskets are very in vogue -, vintage and modern. We love them because we can put lots of things in them and swing them when we are happy.

I actually was happy as well I had been out for lunch with two darling friends.

I thought excitedly that I would take them two of my Poppets to “ooh and aah” over, i wrapped them up safely so the would not get damaged and I placed them in postal tubes, an idea I have for sending them by post.

Lunch was lovely and I swung my bag with joy as I walked back to the car, popping in a couple of shops on the way.

You know what’s coming don’t you….well my beautiful blonde poppet was not in my bag when I got to my car.

Denial came first, poppet cant be missing stupid, it’s at the bottom of you bag, empty everything out…..so I did and it wasn’t I was in shock.

When you loose something you love the rollercoaster is the same, denial, shock, anger, blame….classic grief.

I dare not mention anything because I could not believe she was gone. I spent the next few days re walking my steps asking “have you seen my poppet, has she been handed in…she is in a postal tube.

Nothing, zilch, blank faces and some rudeness.

Well I have now accepted her fate and hope she has made someone happy, but blimey I want to believe in Karma 😉

So what’s the moral of this story, well, did she swing out or did a hand slide in pickpocket style. I will never know.

So “girls” be careful with you bags keep them close, no swinging with happiness, keep them as secure as you can or else a “boggin thief” will steal your lovelies away to the fairies.

My beautiful Cornish Poppet 😢