A cautionary tale aka Basket Case

Open top baskets are very in vogue -, vintage and modern. We love them because we can put lots of things in them and swing them when we are happy.

I actually was happy as well I had been out for lunch with two darling friends.

I thought excitedly that I would take them two of my Poppets to “ooh and aah” over, i wrapped them up safely so the would not get damaged and I placed them in postal tubes, an idea I have for sending them by post.

Lunch was lovely and I swung my bag with joy as I walked back to the car, popping in a couple of shops on the way.

You know what’s coming don’t you….well my beautiful blonde poppet was not in my bag when I got to my car.

Denial came first, poppet cant be missing stupid, it’s at the bottom of you bag, empty everything out…..so I did and it wasn’t I was in shock.

When you loose something you love the rollercoaster is the same, denial, shock, anger, blame….classic grief.

I dare not mention anything because I could not believe she was gone. I spent the next few days re walking my steps asking “have you seen my poppet, has she been handed in…she is in a postal tube.

Nothing, zilch, blank faces and some rudeness.

Well I have now accepted her fate and hope she has made someone happy, but blimey I want to believe in Karma 😉

So what’s the moral of this story, well, did she swing out or did a hand slide in pickpocket style. I will never know.

So “girls” be careful with you bags keep them close, no swinging with happiness, keep them as secure as you can or else a “boggin thief” will steal your lovelies away to the fairies.

My beautiful Cornish Poppet 😢

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