Just a little bit

Pottering or to potter is an expression I use a lot and covers loads of “doings” around the home, such as gardening, laundry, tidying away….actually, I would love to know how many hours of our life we spend putting things away, it is an endless chore…mindless, our homes have too much stuff in them don’t they?

So Today my pottering includes, laundry, social media catch up, Korean drama on Netflix and I have just finished creating some Poppet hairstyles, they are getting darker for the Autumn season, I have though, slipped in a sky blue.

These maidens are some of the new poppets I’m working on and I love the way they all come out “just a little bit” different from each other, that’s my creative aim and highlights individuality between Poppets, so the one you fall in love with has also chosen you.

Coming up next week I will be showing you how to use your Poppet if you want to use it for your altar, spell work or affirmations.

3 thoughts on “Just a little bit

    1. Hello Auntie That’s lovely, thank you. It’s good to have a focus on something other than work and you know I’ve always loved needlework, so I thought why not combine my loves, and over time I developed something that was mine, it’s a pretty niche market so I still have to find the right people who will love them. I can’t make them in bulk so they are all individual. The social media aspect of showing my work is erratic and confusing, so my next step i think is looking at a business development course of some kind. It’s great to hear from you, like my shops if you can, I need the positivity to keep going ????


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