Shield Maiden Poppet

Here she is, the reason I have been so quiet over the past few weeks, I had to keep QT as this Poppet was made for a birthday surprise.

For the love of the Series “ViKings” plus one of the amazing characters and for our family ancestors (yes I know 😲 thanks to Ancestry. and over 10 years of hard work) we are indeed related to the real people that this series is based on. Yes Aunt Peggy, via the Lowndes family tree 😎

Here is my poppet based on Lagertha

Busy summer

Boy has it been hot this year, many a day I have melted onto tarmac like “BabaPapa”…. now there’s a flash from the past, lol.

I took grandboy number one to an Agricultural Show where my friend Jacki from Chalk and Linen in Coleshill, was teaching Annie Sloan paint techniquesIt was a fun, interesting, brilliant day out, we even had a thunderstorm, where we all stood watching as if we had never seen rain before….well it had been nearly three months!

Here is Jackie……

And unbelievably I won rosettes

for my first Annie Sloan up-cycled cupboard and painting…..

Never won anything like this before, but sheep and cows had been winning them all day so I will say no more, lol πŸ˜‚


The day before our drive to Blackpool, I visited the National Quilt show at the NEC Birmingham.

A feast of quilts, inspiration and fabric galore.

I go for the day but some quilters spend the week or weekend, stichin and making, learning, teaching and immersing themselves in a living breathing “Princess and the Pea” tower of quilts.

This year on display was the oldest surviving silk quilt

In celebration a competition held showed modern inspired replicas

Here are a few more of my favourites this year

The show was bigger than I’ve ever seen it this year, I left, uplifted, inspired, in awe and very very tired indeed.

It’s all so quiet πŸ€«

I’ve had a busy few weeks……a touch of exhaustion, a whole bucket of grandkids, a trip back home to Blackpool 😎 and a custom poppet order for a birthday.

How awesome are those clouds ⛅️ I’ve missed this view so much. Endless sand both ways as far as the eye can see, tide pushed out and wonderful Blackpool wind πŸ’¨

We are down on the beach, two of my grand boys and my daughter Rachel, their Aunt,

and we are running and laughing and getting our feet very wet indeed.

I took a couple of pier end shots

Then turn to take the early evening sun.

Cobwebs and stress blown away.