It’s all so quiet 🤫

I’ve had a busy few weeks……a touch of exhaustion, a whole bucket of grandkids, a trip back home to Blackpool 😎 and a custom poppet order for a birthday.

How awesome are those clouds ⛅️ I’ve missed this view so much. Endless sand both ways as far as the eye can see, tide pushed out and wonderful Blackpool wind 💨

We are down on the beach, two of my grand boys and my daughter Rachel, their Aunt,

and we are running and laughing and getting our feet very wet indeed.

I took a couple of pier end shots

Then turn to take the early evening sun.

Cobwebs and stress blown away.

One thought on “It’s all so quiet 🤫

  1. Hi Leigh, brilliant pics, methinks you have quite the eye, that pic of the clouds over the tower is great. By the way I read the elementary life ( about the Annie Sloan painting day) before seeing the pics & no wonder you won the rosettes your cabinet is beautiful. You’re so artistic. Peggy xx


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