The day before our drive to Blackpool, I visited the National Quilt show at the NEC Birmingham.

A feast of quilts, inspiration and fabric galore.

I go for the day but some quilters spend the week or weekend, stichin and making, learning, teaching and immersing themselves in a living breathing “Princess and the Pea” tower of quilts.

This year on display was the oldest surviving silk quilt

In celebration a competition held showed modern inspired replicas

Here are a few more of my favourites this year

The show was bigger than I’ve ever seen it this year, I left, uplifted, inspired, in awe and very very tired indeed.

One thought on “Stitchin

  1. Hi Leigh, went to the quilt show years ago & yes it was very tiring. I’ve made a couple of patchwork quilts over the years & in fact have a 3rd ready to quilt, a project from about 10-12 yrs ago!!! They don’t call me ‘speedy’ for nothing. Lol!! I’m mistress of the ‘in progress’. Peggy xx


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