After nearly a week of “dreaded lurgy” I have finally managed to box up some Poppets to be displayed at my lovely friend Jacki’s shop “Chalk and Linen” in Coleshill.

Moon box holds Grey Wytch with her Silver Moon Cape

Box Two holds Dark Wytch Dolores Twigger,

(Twigger, is an old ancestor surname in my family tree”

I can honestly say there was a slight resemblance during this dribble hacking week, lol

I am really looking forward to seeing how they will be displayed.

Box three is on a broomstick to Boscastle Witchcraft Museum as a donation to raise preservation funds.

She is an “All Hallows Wytch for Samhain wearing a spiderweb dress, woollen cape and Wytch hat.

Blimey I’m off for another coughing session, toodle loo xx

01675 23 80 80


I became a “friend” of the museum before I visited for a number of reasons, well who I am is one, my love of social history and the importance of the the story the artefacts tell.

I have little money so I cannot be philanthropic, but I can “make” so I’m sending this Poppet to the Museum for them to sell, 100% profit. I hope they like it, I will let you all know.


The National Witchcraft Museum is based in Boscastle Cornwall, unlucky for us living in the Midlands, as it was originally destined for Stratford on Avon but the Council refused.

It was briefly in the Cotswolds and also in the Isle of Man till it finally settled down in Boscastle and what a gem of a place it is, so much of it is interesting, nicely balanced for the inquisitive and as education for the modern the practitioner.

There is much to learn from the artefacts not just about the folktale witch but about real wise women and the social history of their lives and the people they served.

“Wicca” the very modern practice is a 20th Century phenomena, the real women are very different to the fairytale versions, my interest is in the practitioners of old, their intelligence, their use of nature and natural cures, their midwifery and their cunning ways and survival techniques.

“Hocus Pocus” has a place in my childish heart but these women are the “real deal”.

I am learning so much here are some photos I have taken

The Witch door went on a journey on the night of the Boscastle flood, it ended up in South Wales intact !

This final picture is of some of the Poppets on display… many Wiccans do not spell curse, bound by the “rule of three”, but there are still some who will assist those in need of revenge, be it a stolen love or as a way to heal after a heinous act.

Not sure why the large poppet on the right has so many pins in it but you can sure guess they were really punished.

Bewitching hour

Here are my Samhain poppets destined for my Etsy shop, a little behind time wise because Hubby and I have been a on a break to Boscastle in Cornwall, also home to the NWM (National Witchcraft Museum) ha, what a surprise Leigh 😃 couldn’t resist the place, so much so we visited three times! More in the following blog …..


As you can see they are more Gothy than my Wyse Poppets…. and witches don’t go round looking like these, well we would really stand out for verbal abuse wouldn’t we or get chocolates thrown at us this time of year, lol….we keep it quiet 🤫 and home loving but if you are a witch who fancies a more natural look a quick few turns around the cauldron will suffice cause it’s a bit damn cold 🤪 on the 31st.

Bear With

Blimey, here I go again. There are lots of new things coming, currently re-jigging this blog site and upgrading to a website where hopefully “all roads will lead to Rome” in other words I shall be linking up all sites on one page, well that is the theory anyway, LOL.

The trouble with media connection is that you spend so much time trying to sort this crap out and keep all sites running simultaneously that you don’t get the time to do what you really love and for me that is making my poppets.

You loose the will and get bored because you cant find anything, well life gets in the way really doesn’t it.

Lots of changes happening in the “day job”, friends leaving and moving on to new exciting pastures and new lifestyles, its hard to be the person left behind….I have a favorite song by New Model Army called “Green and Grey”, its quite poignant and sums up that “left behind feeling”….but I am not sad I am quite excited myself,  sometimes changes lead to better things, they may not be quite what you anticipate, but they do happen and that is where I am.

I am blessed with my family and friendships, my home and creativity sometimes we have to accept and enjoy what we have…as I said to my Mum yesterday…”it is what it is”

Right I’m off,  back over to  my Mum’s new haven to continue to help her unpack all her craft stash….skip anyone? 🙂