Bear With

Blimey, here I go again. There are lots of new things coming, currently re-jigging this blog site and upgrading to a website where hopefully “all roads will lead to Rome” in other words I shall be linking up all sites on one page, well that is the theory anyway, LOL.

The trouble with media connection is that you spend so much time trying to sort this crap out and keep all sites running simultaneously that you don’t get the time to do what you really love and for me that is making my poppets.

You loose the will and get bored because you cant find anything, well life gets in the way really doesn’t it.

Lots of changes happening in the “day job”, friends leaving and moving on to new exciting pastures and new lifestyles, its hard to be the person left behind….I have a favorite song by New Model Army called “Green and Grey”, its quite poignant and sums up that “left behind feeling”….but I am not sad I am quite excited myself,  sometimes changes lead to better things, they may not be quite what you anticipate, but they do happen and that is where I am.

I am blessed with my family and friendships, my home and creativity sometimes we have to accept and enjoy what we have…as I said to my Mum yesterday…”it is what it is”

Right I’m off,  back over to  my Mum’s new haven to continue to help her unpack all her craft stash….skip anyone? 🙂

One thought on “Bear With

  1. Positivity is key, life brings many changes, some right and some wrong but everything is a learning curve and as long as health is good then anything else can be dealt with. Big changes ahead for our team my friend xx

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