Bewitching hour

Here are my Samhain poppets destined for my Etsy shop, a little behind time wise because Hubby and I have been a on a break to Boscastle in Cornwall, also home to the NWM (National Witchcraft Museum) ha, what a surprise Leigh 😃 couldn’t resist the place, so much so we visited three times! More in the following blog …..


As you can see they are more Gothy than my Wyse Poppets…. and witches don’t go round looking like these, well we would really stand out for verbal abuse wouldn’t we or get chocolates thrown at us this time of year, lol….we keep it quiet 🤫 and home loving but if you are a witch who fancies a more natural look a quick few turns around the cauldron will suffice cause it’s a bit damn cold 🤪 on the 31st.

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