The National Witchcraft Museum is based in Boscastle Cornwall, unlucky for us living in the Midlands, as it was originally destined for Stratford on Avon but the Council refused.

It was briefly in the Cotswolds and also in the Isle of Man till it finally settled down in Boscastle and what a gem of a place it is, so much of it is interesting, nicely balanced for the inquisitive and as education for the modern the practitioner.

There is much to learn from the artefacts not just about the folktale witch but about real wise women and the social history of their lives and the people they served.

“Wicca” the very modern practice is a 20th Century phenomena, the real women are very different to the fairytale versions, my interest is in the practitioners of old, their intelligence, their use of nature and natural cures, their midwifery and their cunning ways and survival techniques.

“Hocus Pocus” has a place in my childish heart but these women are the “real deal”.

I am learning so much here are some photos I have taken

The Witch door went on a journey on the night of the Boscastle flood, it ended up in South Wales intact !

This final picture is of some of the Poppets on display… many Wiccans do not spell curse, bound by the “rule of three”, but there are still some who will assist those in need of revenge, be it a stolen love or as a way to heal after a heinous act.

Not sure why the large poppet on the right has so many pins in it but you can sure guess they were really punished.

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