After nearly a week of “dreaded lurgy” I have finally managed to box up some Poppets to be displayed at my lovely friend Jacki’s shop “Chalk and Linen” in Coleshill.

Moon box holds Grey Wytch with her Silver Moon Cape

Box Two holds Dark Wytch Dolores Twigger,

(Twigger, is an old ancestor surname in my family tree”

I can honestly say there was a slight resemblance during this dribble hacking week, lol

I am really looking forward to seeing how they will be displayed.

Box three is on a broomstick to Boscastle Witchcraft Museum as a donation to raise preservation funds.

She is an “All Hallows Wytch for Samhain wearing a spiderweb dress, woollen cape and Wytch hat.

Blimey I’m off for another coughing session, toodle loo xx

01675 23 80 80

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