Well I’ve been a busy bee, I’m losing count, finally finished and photographed my last five Poppets for this year, still time to buy and post.

I have worked on two Elder Poppets, and two Solstice Poppets and sneaked in a rather interesting ghost poppet.

Here are the Elders, check out my Etsy shop for further details tomorrow….spoilers on here…

Here are my Solstice maidens….

and finally Mistress Ghostie for all you Gothic girls….

More photos on my Etsy shop, names and personalities revealed.

I shall be working on the social media side these coming weeks, then taking a Solstice rest to work on a couple of downtime projects, a quilt and a couple of dresses are calling me.

As the dark nights start lengthening and hibernation end, more little mistresses will my little fingers tend…


Thumbs up for Sainsbury’s, I had ordered the small bouquet 💐 of commemorative flowers, dedicated to Rifleman George A.W. Wheeler 1899-1917, but sadly they had run out of them, but instead they sent me the larger bouquet commemorating Private Fred Took 1894-1917, what a beautiful surprise I had first thing this morning.

I lost a Great Uncle, Walter Tansley in Loos and although my Great Uncle, Frank Tansley returned home, he never recovered from his injuries or what he saw.

Bless all our fallen Tommies💐

Farthing Gallery

Just got back for a pre Festive event at The Farthing Gallery on the High Street in Old town Kenilworth behind St. Nicks church.

Looking beautiful now the evenings have drawn in.

Lots of handcrafted goodies, some expensive but there is something beautiful for everyone’s purse.

After a cup of mulled wine, I am ready to take my goodies home. No peeking! 😲😀

A little explanation – thank you Juss

Hello Juss, thank you for your lovely words. It started with my despair at commercial witch/pagan crafts that are in shops and online.

Due to my love of embroidery and crafting I wanted to make something natural for my altar that could be used in spellwork and change with the seasons.

After a lot of trial and a lot of error and research I came up with a design for my altar poppets, using as much natural material and reused material as I can.

Each one is different so all Poppets are unique.

The secret bit is the small hollow body that can hold tiny natural spell objects, such as herbs, shells, crystals and I even use a tiny vial of sacred water, it’s totally down to how you spell work. The body is sealed with a pin which if used for healing can by pressed against the area of healing when using intention.

The Poppets themselves can be bought “sky clad” and wrapped in your own favourite materials or you can buy a shift/underdress and seasonal apron, to change during the wheel of the year Samhain, Solstices, Imbolc and for events such as name day of hand-fasting.

Your poppet becomes part of you. Invoke the old ways.

Warm blessings to you and thank you 😊

Cupboard up

Here are some photos of my up-cycled moon cupboard using Annie Sloan paints and silver leaf.

This is the front distressed moon phases, open the door and light a candle….

So pleased with the outcome.