Slow Stichin

What to do with hubby’s old jeans? I’m not a big lover of denim, it’s an excellent fabric but very limited, it’s sturdy and hard wearing for a reason but it’s not exactly pretty…. or can we make it sew? Lol 😆

I’ve started a small project today using the “slow stitching” ethos, which is a global movement of crafters who use what we have, not buy more, reuse and up-cycle, make something beautiful out of redundant materials… stop it ending up in a landfill.

Mixed media artists like myself, who were weaned on the “make do and mend movement” of our grandmothers (Circa 20th century) and resurgence over the last 15 years, have embraced this gentle, mindful and relaxing form of creativity.

So I’m going to use my least favourite fabric and slow stitch (think winters evenings, no social media, no tv, hand stitching)

My inspiration is a form of embroidery called

Sashiko (刺し子, literally “little stabs” or “little pierce”) is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching (or functional embroidery) from Japan that started out of practical need during the Edo era (1615-1868).

Picture credit from Pinterest

Slow is good….

Winter Solstice Love and Pagan Poppet Blessings

Tonight is the longest night, some people say it is midwinter but to me it is the Eve of the Returning Sun. The earth axis has reached its winter zenith in the Northerlies and now plunges into six weeks or so of Midwinter sunrise and sunsets that are kinda equal, give or take.

It’s not until my next Yearly celebration of Imbolc on February 1st/2nd that the sun restarts its path with the prospect of a new Spring bursting forth.

For me today/night is as with all my seasonal celebrations connected to what my lovely friend Gillian calls the “Old Ways”

Out walking Flynn this morning…..

….through a wet and windy wood I gathered my Yule greenery to make my door wreath, fireplace dressings and prepare my altar for my “ritual” I will be giving thanks and making intentions for the coming weeks, then burning the written words in a Yule fire.

No spookydookys it’s just the Old Ways celebration of life, death and rebirth of the year. There ain’t no Krampus in my world.

My my have you been naughty or good 🤪

My Altars are prepared and my Poppets are ready to accompany me in my celebration….

Solstice Goddess and….

Winter Yule Poppet.

There are three special mentions in my thoughts today, my beloved dad who loved Christmas so, the health of my Mum and the speedy return of health, who thankfully has also returned home in time for Solstice, Trevor P.

Solstice Blessings to you and Yours, much love.

Altar credits to The Common (Greenery), Artist Anne Stokes (card), Blue Glass Pentagram (unknown artist), Ivy Frost besom Samantha Bentley and Chalk and Linen brass Fir Tree.

Ooo ‘ello!

Why so quiet… well me needed to switch off for a week as Winter Solstice was on the horizon and I have had a seven nights of Pagan Poppets on Wicca FB sites and Instagram…. quickly followed by my mum taking scarily I’ll with a blood clot in her carotid artery.

Thankfully Mum is back home on some serious medication, I don’t think I have ever seen someone looking more ill leaving hospital than going in… the side affects of the new medication is something rotten but she is home for Solstice and Christmas that’s what’s important for her recovery now.

Had a lovely birthday “Tea” at work and beautiful and thoughtful pressies.

Hubby and I visited the Ashmolean in Oxford to see the “Spellbound” Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft exhibition… it’s on for a wee while longer if you get the chance to visit.

My favourite natural Christmas tree was in their lovely Croft cafe.

I reached the age of no return now, I can honestly say that I am blessed to be here still, having the most amazing family and friends makes it all worthwhile. 🥰

Solstice Treats

I have been showcasing my Pagan Poppets on FB and Instagram this week, it’s a whole new learning curve that’s for sure. But I am meeting very special crafters along the way.

“A Spell for You” can be found on eBay, run by the talented Samantha Bentley.

Samantha’s lovingly made “sparkly” natural crafts this time of year focus on Yule and Christmas.

Samantha has created handmade spell crackers which I will open on the 7th, the 14th and the 21st, saving the last for Christmas evening. I can’t wait to see what’s inside….of course, I will let you know, as I open them.

I also purchased two handmade besoms for my Spell work and Altar.

This is Constance and by special request this is..

Ivy, she will adorn my Yule tree in remembrance on my wonderful Grandmother.

Have a look at Samantha’s work on eBay “aspellforyou”

Solstice countdown

I wondered if there was a countdown to the Winter Solstice, good old Etsy found me one! This is from the studio of Mickie Mueller, it can be downloaded for under £5, instructions are provided and Mickie suggests card for the front and paper for the back…

I have attached it to a window for full effect, as you can see, on door one, the natural backlight illuminates the window and the teeny tiny artwork that Mickie has created.

I feel a new Solstice tradition has arrived, it is so natural and gently beautiful.