Winter Solstice Love and Pagan Poppet Blessings

Tonight is the longest night, some people say it is midwinter but to me it is the Eve of the Returning Sun. The earth axis has reached its winter zenith in the Northerlies and now plunges into six weeks or so of Midwinter sunrise and sunsets that are kinda equal, give or take.

It’s not until my next Yearly celebration of Imbolc on February 1st/2nd that the sun restarts its path with the prospect of a new Spring bursting forth.

For me today/night is as with all my seasonal celebrations connected to what my lovely friend Gillian calls the “Old Ways”

Out walking Flynn this morning…..

….through a wet and windy wood I gathered my Yule greenery to make my door wreath, fireplace dressings and prepare my altar for my “ritual” I will be giving thanks and making intentions for the coming weeks, then burning the written words in a Yule fire.

No spookydookys it’s just the Old Ways celebration of life, death and rebirth of the year. There ain’t no Krampus in my world.

My my have you been naughty or good 🤪

My Altars are prepared and my Poppets are ready to accompany me in my celebration….

Solstice Goddess and….

Winter Yule Poppet.

There are three special mentions in my thoughts today, my beloved dad who loved Christmas so, the health of my Mum and the speedy return of health, who thankfully has also returned home in time for Solstice, Trevor P.

Solstice Blessings to you and Yours, much love.

Altar credits to The Common (Greenery), Artist Anne Stokes (card), Blue Glass Pentagram (unknown artist), Ivy Frost besom Samantha Bentley and Chalk and Linen brass Fir Tree.

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