Happy “Julian Yule” to you all, just to confuse you as you are taking your decorations down.

Old Yuletide, before Monastic intervention/conversion, began around January 5th, the expression “Mid-Winter” it is still celebrated in many Nordic and Germanic regions.

Pagan Anglo Saxons underwent “Christianised reformulation” or in “Trekkie” world “assimilation”, resulting in the modern term Christmastide.

But in the really “olden Days” pre 19th century!general mid-winter festival falls anywhere between mid November and early January.. culminating in the festival of Imbolc. Hah that’s another story!

Talking of the winter sun “Alys Albion” my poppet muse, was caught in the most beautiful light thus morning

She sits with my at my table while I create and dabble.

 Some scholars link Odin’s  “Wild Hunt (Jolnir)” -a ghostly procession through the sky – and similar to Samhain(Halloween), with increased ghost activities, but again we have another excuse to drink to the memory of our ancestors and departed kinfolk…can you see a pattern forming?

See there was no TV in them days and “the storyteller” must have had so much difficulty getting around in the heavy snow. We humans need to keep occupied.

See told you it was confusing…but overall it still means celebration so continued drinking, feasting and rather large fires, sacrificial animal slaughter and blood being sprinkled via sticks Odin style, yay, over men, this eventual leads to men chasing women and getting them pregnant (when was there ever an excuse for that, lol) culminating eventually by kicking bladders around, lol, not much changed then.

Here locally, at the “Atherstone Ball Run” in Warwickshire, on Shrove Tuesday, it can be seen in its full human glory, methinks there is a connection with “getting bladdered”. But I’m sure “hubby” will tell me different 😜

Sounds fun doesn’t it, but we must remember it was about survival during Winter and boy those Winters are long in the North.

It is of course much more complex than my light deliverance. So big respect for the survival of the human spirit and the cold.

But the sun is returning soon and we will celebrate in the coming weeks.

Don’t forget my Mid-Winter event on the 2nd February at Chalk and Linen in Coleshill.

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