Something different

Ha ha nearly Blue Monday, but on our way to a new full Moon.

I’ve been working hard in my downtime to prepare for my up and coming Artisan showcase on Saturday 2nd February at Chalk and Linen in Coleshill Warwickshire… but I still squirrelled away some time to work on a different kind of poppet. My Pagan Poppets are more doll like and they are my individual style.

I got thinking though, like I do a lot, lol, and thought what if someone would like themselves as a poppet to nurture, heal and intention with. So I have been experimenting with more human faces and gosh yes it does give you a very different poppet.

I have developed a way of creatively producing a likeness….now don’t go all voodoo on me Rachel 😘 my Poppets are not voodoo but it does take you slightly aback because the poppet looks more humanistic, your own familiar…. so here I am in Poppet form…. what do you think?

I know…different ah! The good news for me is I’ve got more hair thankfully or I would actually look like my darling brother lol…I love her actually and it’s quite strange to look at yourself….

I’m also thinner, yay….it reminds me also of Bowie’s “Where are we now” video so I’m am paying tribute to his genius.

If you ever take selfies you may realise that one side of your face looks slightly different to the other and I have a slightly lob sided lips, so I incorporated my little facial quirk, I ain’t no Mick Jagger, lucky you if you are 😘

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