What a beautiful sun shining cold weekend, absolutely perfect start to the Eve of Spring, the light is getting longer and stronger, lambs are being born, naturalised plants will be budding and soon in flower, daffodils, crocus tulips are on their way…. nature is in rebirth mode and goodness we are so ready.

Midwinter celebration was just lovely, had super feedback about my Poppets and actually sold a couple of “Me Felties” yay a sale

My little workshop was buzzing and everyone was so relaxed and chatting, just what I wanted to happen.

Many thanks to my host and friend Jacki Ward, my friend Liz and to my lovely family, old friends and new friends helped make a joyful day…here are some more photos

…and here are some of the beautiful textile squares made by my lovely new friends

I also asked everyone to sign my slow stitch textile panel now with a reminder of a lovely day…I will show “pictures of progress” over the year. Watch this space new work on its way.

NB as always I give a big up to Chalk and Linen in Coleshill because it is truly magical find them on Facebook and if you can visit, you will always be welcome.

One thought on “Imbolc

  1. Hi Leigh, pleased you had a great day & that it all went well. From your pics it’s obvious that everyone put in a lot of effort & it all looks very creative. The shop has a lovely vibe & great displays. It was lovely to see all of you. Wishing you lots of success. Love Peg xx


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