Little things

…Can be beautiful, it does not always have to be big and take hours too make, simple projects can be relaxing and satisfying. Here is one I’ve been carrying around with me, stitching in quiet moments, having a coffee, five minutes sit down, waiting at mums hospital appointments!I finally finished my little Imbolc project, hand dyed Aida and tiny stitches.

I always find that although I love cross stitch, the repetitive nature and structure bores me, lol, each time I get the cross stitch bug, I am sewing away and I think oh I wish I was sewing something else!

I have found that I am more freestyle so I have decided to concentrate on “evolving embroidery” such as the lovely work that was created last week at the workshop, it’s more exciting to watch a piece developing, it can be something simple like an Embroidered Letter, on it’s own, on a piece of Linen, beautiful but why stop there… sew it into a word, add a bee 🐝 then a flower or two, oh maybe a little ladybird and so it grows that’s why I call it “evolving embroidery” no structure or rules.

Carry your work with you in a little bag, a square of linen in a make up case is perfect…be inspired by what’s around you, sketch it on your linen or cotton and mindfully sew when you have a quiet 10 minutes. I will post updates on my “mobile stitchery” join me and post photos of your progress let’s see what we can make as the wheel of the year turns.

NB: no such thing as can’t draw.. everyone can even a daisy is good starting point… grow it into a chain, even stick people look fabulous when sewn.

Here is inspiration from last weeks fabulous meet up.

One thought on “Little things

  1. Hi Leigh, know what you mean regarding cross stitch, I’ve never understood the appeal, as popular as it is & people do some lovely work. I love the freedom of free stitch, no boundaries, just letting your mind meander, endless possibilities. Your little sample squares from last week are beautiful. Also it’s lovely to explore all the different stitches. Did you watch Victorian House of Arts & Crafts, it was great & there was an embroiderer on the programme. I find anything held in the hand & just picked up whenever is a delight & such therapy. Have fun & enjoy. Love Peggy xx


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