Down Time

It’s recently been a stressful time in the last month, with shall, I shan’t I still be in my day job and upending grief at losing my fellow colleagues during the changes.

I can now say, albeit with a change of employer, I am still working with my lovely sensory loss service users and my lovely Liz, my right hand woman 😉.

The future is going to be hard work and challenging as the workload increases and the people to do it get less, so the challenge awaits, but I am hoping the next journey is fulfilling.

Meanwhile I’ve took time to create a new piece of art work, a new challenge in my “poppet” world.

Here is “Moon”

A Textile Folk Art Poppet to hang on your wall. This is an original one off piece but I’m hoping time allowing, to create a Triptych of Poppet framed art.

Created using fabric, reused and recycled pieces with hand stitched Rune embroidery and moon symbolism.

More exciting news to follow…

Don’t forget to let me know what you think 🤔

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