Better Late than never

Gosh how the time has flown this year, so, so busy in the day job, too super exhausted to work on my poppets.

The good news is I have met some fab people both in person and on line this year, inspirational people who are lucky enough to create for a living, who work exceptionally hard to sell their work and make very little money from it. Yes it’s a big market out there and only a few who make it to the top, there are so many people creating around the world.

I am also lucky that I still have a job this year to keep the home running and am still able to keep crafting. I love my Poppets, as each individual personality is created with my hands and I never know who will emerge.

It’s late in the day to get these out for Yule but I will have one on my festive tree maybe you will have one too…..

These are mini Poppets to hang on a branch or sacred space, their bodies will be full of herbs, so will smell gorgeous and this batch will be quite wintery in design so perfect for the Winter Solstice up to Imbolc. I will publish as I go so if you see something you like let me know. 💋

One thought on “Better Late than never

  1. Hi Leigh, hope they turn out well. Keep crafting, even being retired I find it difficult to fit in the crafting I want to do. So lovely to find the time if we can. Enjoy, Peggy xx


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