Fallen Fae

Well another post already …..I am finally happy with my first “ickle” Poppet, ooh she’s about 8 inches or 21 cms in European measurements.

She is the first of my “Fallen Fae” her name is Spring.

I love the “ painted tattoos” of “Neo” pagan faces and want to incorporate the “war paint” in a range of poppets…the Fallen Fae are my celebration of this….More as the year progresses.

Fallen Fae “Spring”

As always my Poppets will be up for sale on the Etsy Pagan Poppet website.

Herne is Ready for the Shop

Here he is finally “suited and booted” climbing out of February Fug. Some parts of the year can impede creativity and February seems to the hard month for me, not enough light or colour.

I had a note this week , which woke me up, asking me if Herne is ready, so here are the shop photos

Herne the Hunter

…and here he is doing his moody look into the distance.