Here’s one I made earlier.

My children will tell you, when they were little, I would paint walls bright yellow and colbolt blue, stencilled hares on stair risers and drawers in silver with even more leaping hares and office chairs covered in fluffy faux zebra fabric.

That was then but this is now 2018…well it’s not it’s 2020, but this may be a year of going nowhere.

The cavern of delight that caught my eye was “Chalk and Linen”

It soon became my beacon of light, delicious coffee and cake set amongst inspirational work by the “Ward Dynasty” I say Dynasty because they are all so damn talented, exceptional bespoke industrial style furniture in metal and real wood, up-cycled wonders in colours that you would never expect to find on furniture, using the delicious Annie Sloan palette of colours and the alchemy talent of Jacki Ward.

Like Liz, my amazing work “other half”, Jacki is one of those people who you can’t help fall in love with.

Be sure to check Chalk and Linen out on FB, the web and on site, shops in Atherstone and Middleton Hall, Tamworth, that is when we can spend more than 5 minutes in the same room! gosh who’d a thought what we took for granted. Big up to our individual shops on the high street, they are going to need us when the world stops spinning.

Here are some of my “Sloaned” up-cycles.

Moon Cupboard
Magical Crow cupboard


Well some of you may know I can be tempted by a pot of paint like some of us are tempted by chocolate.

I was skimming through a magazine and suddenly I fell in love. I have been looking for a pot of something special and Annie Sloan’s Lem Lem is perfect. I need to see my mate Jacki at

Right so we are in lockdown, oh bum! Wonderful Jacki came to my rescue and went on the hunt for my little pot of special and sent it in the post.

Meanwhile, I made an unscheduled stop at a supermarket with only one person in the lockdown queue in front of me…if there had been more than three I would not have stopped, lol.

To my joy Annie Sloan’s inspiring tomb had just arrived. Who could resist, forgoed my chocolate in favour of the colours of the rainbow, joy indeed.

Watch this space for a very unusual up-cycle 😉

Fallen Fae 2

Here we go with the second in my Fallen Fae Poppets, she will be going on the Pagan Poppet Etsy site later today.

It’s taking longer than I thought, I’m working full time from home and you would think I have more time, but due to Covid-19 there has actually been a lot of sitting down and vegetating, staring into the distance and some kind of melancholy has overtaken.

I walked up with Flynn to Parliament’s Piece and saw the wildflowers peeking through and I thought that is what is missing, we humans think too much, ‘it’s a moment in time that will pass and the birds, bees and flowers don’t care, they just live through the seasons and that’s just what we should do.

Her wings are ready to fly