My Darling Flynn

12 years and nine months my wonderful boy fell asleep June 7 2020
Bravely battled lung cancer, strong till his final sleep. I know those who met him loved him. We are all devastated but we know he had a wonderful life with us the very centre of of our home.
Love Always xx

2 thoughts on “My Darling Flynn

  1. Hi Leigh, we’re sorry to hear of Flynn’s passing. The close bond between you must have made him so special and must make the parting harder to bear. What wonderful devoted service he gave and through illness his time came to an end. We’re sure that he will be remembered forever in your heart.

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  2. Apart from Leigh, Flynn was my best friend. He will be forever in our memories and our minds! He left his paw prints on our hearts! So long bud! Your time came too early for us! Looking forward to the three of us being together again someday!! Hope the food up there is as nice as the food you always helped me cook down here!!! Xxxx

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