Every Witch Way

What an amazing couple of weeks, not only has my beautiful daughter given birth to my handsome new grandboy, Joseph, but my new Hearing Dog called Atlas has also pawed across my threshold, but four yes 4 Poppets have flown away on their brooms to lovely new homes.
I also have a “custom poppet” to design and make… so my special thanks goes to ShamanicWillow who lives in beautiful Bournemouth, a gem of a southern coast town in Blighty, check out her website.

shamanicwillow.co.uk Willow is more than just a Shamanic Practitioner so do take a look.

Atlas my new Hearing Dog

Atlas is 3 years old and a working Spaniel.

We are just starting our new journey together, I am sure we will will become inseparable, the fun and games begin. Training is very different this time due to Lockdown and COVID, so it’s going to be a hard working but an interesting few months.

In the shop I will be adding the PoppetWare aprons that celebrate different aspects of our Seasons and Old Ways; so take a look they will be in the shop by the end of the week

Finally a new Poppet 😳 yes, this past year has been a difficult one for creating, I know for some it has been a blessing, but for me working from home and being locked down has been very hard for me.
My Day Job – Work has continued and we have adapted brilliantly keeping the Sensory Service running and supporting our service users through very scary, lonely times.

Mentally it has been exhausting. But we are still there doing the very best we can.

Meandering through the myriad of the internet I became interested in “Aunt Sally” dolls, these are wooden poppets that were handmade before the modern doll revolution.
Around the world you will find different cultures making their own versions of these beautiful folk art dolls. My Poppet world expanded with love.
Inspired, I created a Poppet Sally

Poppet Sally

I hope you like her, she will be added to the Etsy shop soon.

Be aware if you Google “Aunt Sally” you will get “Worzel Gummidge” so as much as I adore the beautiful Una Stubbs, who by the way is an amazing textile artist herself, see her book “In Stiches” which can still be found if you are lucky on eBay, use the words folk, wooden, peg, and doll.

My hiatus has been long, but I am back.

4 thoughts on “Every Witch Way

  1. How lovely to read your blog . So glad for all the lovely things happening, grandson ❤️❤️ Atlas (he has a lot to live up to ). So pleased for you xxxxx


  2. Hi Leigh,
    Lovely that you are back on the page. Welcome to baby Joseph & Atlas, both beautiful, sure to be busy times ahead.
    Look forward to to seeing your aprons. Good luck with your Aunt Sally dolls, Worzel Gummidge was a particular favourite of ours, with Una Subbs as Aunt Sally, (I have her ‘In Sitches’ book, beautiful needlework). I realise that’s not your desired effect, just musing there. Lol!!!
    By the way, I loved the birthday card you made for me, I’ve framed it & it sits at eye level on my craft room wall.
    Welcome back!!!
    Love & Best wishes Peggy xx


    1. Hello my REAL aunty, thank you, I love you both very much.
      The love of craft definitely runs in the family, I hope you have been using your craft room 😘
      Another Great great nephew for you both, we have certainly struck gold with our little dynasties lol 😂 Sending you one of my Dads big hugs xx 💋


      1. Hi Leigh,
        Wishing you a bright future, lots of family love & great bonding.
        Love to everyone,
        Peggy & Keith xx


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