Acorn wreath Part One

Bit of this and that weekend..a much needed break.

Walked up to the wood with grand boy 1 and “Atlas the dog” I collected some “turning” oak leaves, I had an idea for an autumn poppet head wreath, I wanted to use real leaves.

Real leaves of course naturally decompose, so how would I preserve them and make them small enough for a poppet?

I took some “Mod Podge” and coated the leaves. Now after drying I am making them into tiny oak leaves, using a tiny cutter normally used with paper.

Tiny tiny leaves

Part two to follow….

One thought on “Acorn wreath Part One

  1. Hi Leigh,
    That’s very clever, I look forward to seeing the end result.
    Hope you & Darren are well, Luc & all his family. Rachel & her family.
    I’m trying to keep in touch with your Mum each week.
    Take care,
    Love Peggy xx


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