Poppets are for life not just for Samhain

I have started a new coven of Poppets, there will be nine in total. It takes a good while to complete a Poppet because I like to imbue different aspects and personalities, as well stitching love into the seams. Along side the 10” dolls there will be a smaller coven of Solstice Poppets for your Winter Tree celebrations…dangle them from the branches or make her star of the show and place her at the top.

My maidens are not commercially made they are handmade out of natural materials, recycled materials and and notions. Ethical and green.

So remember to pop into my Etsy shop

In celebration of Samhain here is my Poppet Witch.

Witch Poppet 1- 2021 Coven

My Samhain/Halloween is not the American/Disney festivities, that I know many of you enjoy.

It is a this time of the Year Pagans prepare for Winter, storage, preservation and preparation of meat. The word Bonfire derives from “Bone-Fire” when bones were recycled to make a carbon form of bonemeal ( great for flowering plants).

We also take the time around the festive period to celebrate the life of our ancestors, the colourful “Day of the Dead” is wonderful. Over here inBlighty we can seem to be a bit more somber with our altars and candles, although some of us really do enjoy the gothic aspect.

Whatever you do, have fun, light a candle and keep it safe, have a wee drink and raise your glass. Happy Samhain!

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