Morven, Lady of the deepest verdant forest and protector of flora, fauna and mossy glens.

Ivy gown clad
Tall Poppets are designed with hollow bodies to carry spell bags, crystals or sacred elements .

Carries a cotton bound wishing spell, of peppermint, poppy seeds and dandelion leaf.

Poppets are for life not just for Samhain

I have started a new coven of Poppets, there will be nine in total. It takes a good while to complete a Poppet because I like to imbue different aspects and personalities, as well stitching love into the seams. Along side the 10” dolls there will be a smaller coven of Solstice Poppets for your Winter Tree celebrations…dangle them from the branches or make her star of the show and place her at the top.

My maidens are not commercially made they are handmade out of natural materials, recycled materials and and notions. Ethical and green.

So remember to pop into my Etsy shop

In celebration of Samhain here is my Poppet Witch.

Witch Poppet 1- 2021 Coven

My Samhain/Halloween is not the American/Disney festivities, that I know many of you enjoy.

It is a this time of the Year Pagans prepare for Winter, storage, preservation and preparation of meat. The word Bonfire derives from “Bone-Fire” when bones were recycled to make a carbon form of bonemeal ( great for flowering plants).

We also take the time around the festive period to celebrate the life of our ancestors, the colourful “Day of the Dead” is wonderful. Over here inBlighty we can seem to be a bit more somber with our altars and candles, although some of us really do enjoy the gothic aspect.

Whatever you do, have fun, light a candle and keep it safe, have a wee drink and raise your glass. Happy Samhain!

Acorn wreath Part One

Bit of this and that weekend..a much needed break.

Walked up to the wood with grand boy 1 and “Atlas the dog” I collected some “turning” oak leaves, I had an idea for an autumn poppet head wreath, I wanted to use real leaves.

Real leaves of course naturally decompose, so how would I preserve them and make them small enough for a poppet?

I took some “Mod Podge” and coated the leaves. Now after drying I am making them into tiny oak leaves, using a tiny cutter normally used with paper.

Tiny tiny leaves

Part two to follow….

Custom orders

The past couple of months saw me creating custom PaganPoppets


A Fallen Fae Poppet for a very patient client when the postal service took little care for my “ickle” Poppet…emergency replacement legs!mortifying.

I try so hard to ensure my packaging is as naturally packed as possible, but hard cases seem to be the way.

All future Poppets will come in a display case with the poppet while I source alternatives.


This tiny little Crone was indeed a challenge as she had to be 15 cms only, Owl headdress included. This picture also shows one of my shawls which will be available in my Etsy shop.

Thank you to my two lovely customers who challenged and trusted me to make them.

PaganPoppet selfie

If you want to celebrate and care for your own well being I can create a Poppet self.

This is me, that’s my face, I know, but that’s what a crone looks like, no maiden am I. I am wearing a special gown which says “by the pricking of my thumbs” hand stitched as a pattern.

A picture of your face is all I need and then I create magic 🧙🏻‍♀️

In my little poppet tummy I place herbs, sacred water in teeny flask and or stones, I’ve even got a tiny hag stone for my tummy.

My creativity wains and rises, Spring and Autumn are my seasons. What are yours?

PoppetWear has landed

PoppetWear aprons

PoppetWear is the accessories section of my PaganPoppet Etsy site.

I wanted my Poppets to be used all year. So I have been busy making Poppet aprons and gowns.

The Poppets can wear aprons or gowns to celebrate the wheel of the year, celebrations and seasons.


To take a closer look go to my Etsy site, there will also be headdresses, shawls and tiny pagan necklaces.

I will creating new Poppets and aprons for Samhain in the coming weeks. So watch this space.

Every Witch Way

What an amazing couple of weeks, not only has my beautiful daughter given birth to my handsome new grandboy, Joseph, but my new Hearing Dog called Atlas has also pawed across my threshold, but four yes 4 Poppets have flown away on their brooms to lovely new homes.
I also have a “custom poppet” to design and make… so my special thanks goes to ShamanicWillow who lives in beautiful Bournemouth, a gem of a southern coast town in Blighty, check out her website. Willow is more than just a Shamanic Practitioner so do take a look.

Atlas my new Hearing Dog

Atlas is 3 years old and a working Spaniel.

We are just starting our new journey together, I am sure we will will become inseparable, the fun and games begin. Training is very different this time due to Lockdown and COVID, so it’s going to be a hard working but an interesting few months.

In the shop I will be adding the PoppetWare aprons that celebrate different aspects of our Seasons and Old Ways; so take a look they will be in the shop by the end of the week

Finally a new Poppet 😳 yes, this past year has been a difficult one for creating, I know for some it has been a blessing, but for me working from home and being locked down has been very hard for me.
My Day Job – Work has continued and we have adapted brilliantly keeping the Sensory Service running and supporting our service users through very scary, lonely times.

Mentally it has been exhausting. But we are still there doing the very best we can.

Meandering through the myriad of the internet I became interested in “Aunt Sally” dolls, these are wooden poppets that were handmade before the modern doll revolution.
Around the world you will find different cultures making their own versions of these beautiful folk art dolls. My Poppet world expanded with love.
Inspired, I created a Poppet Sally

Poppet Sally

I hope you like her, she will be added to the Etsy shop soon.

Be aware if you Google “Aunt Sally” you will get “Worzel Gummidge” so as much as I adore the beautiful Una Stubbs, who by the way is an amazing textile artist herself, see her book “In Stiches” which can still be found if you are lucky on eBay, use the words folk, wooden, peg, and doll.

My hiatus has been long, but I am back.

My Darling Flynn

12 years and nine months my wonderful boy fell asleep June 7 2020
Bravely battled lung cancer, strong till his final sleep. I know those who met him loved him. We are all devastated but we know he had a wonderful life with us the very centre of of our home.
Love Always xx

Here’s one I made earlier.

My children will tell you, when they were little, I would paint walls bright yellow and colbolt blue, stencilled hares on stair risers and drawers in silver with even more leaping hares and office chairs covered in fluffy faux zebra fabric.

That was then but this is now 2018…well it’s not it’s 2020, but this may be a year of going nowhere.

The cavern of delight that caught my eye was “Chalk and Linen”

It soon became my beacon of light, delicious coffee and cake set amongst inspirational work by the “Ward Dynasty” I say Dynasty because they are all so damn talented, exceptional bespoke industrial style furniture in metal and real wood, up-cycled wonders in colours that you would never expect to find on furniture, using the delicious Annie Sloan palette of colours and the alchemy talent of Jacki Ward.

Like Liz, my amazing work “other half”, Jacki is one of those people who you can’t help fall in love with.

Be sure to check Chalk and Linen out on FB, the web and on site, shops in Atherstone and Middleton Hall, Tamworth, that is when we can spend more than 5 minutes in the same room! gosh who’d a thought what we took for granted. Big up to our individual shops on the high street, they are going to need us when the world stops spinning.

Here are some of my “Sloaned” up-cycles.

Moon Cupboard
Magical Crow cupboard